Inspiration of the month

Improvisational piecing is a technique that is at home in traditional quilting (think Quilter of Gee’s  Bend) as it is in modern quilting.

For our inspirational feature for this month we’d like to share a wonderful modern improvisational quilt that was constructed by Lu Summers in 2012 and I believe was ultimately the foundation for her book on improvisational piecing that was published in 2013.


There are literally no limits to improv piecing. You can strip it down to just a pair of scissors and thread or combine many techniques and still machine piece. The endless possibilities also makes it for many a quilter daunting although most do find it in the end quite liberating.


During the making of this quilt Lu often had doubts and I believe it was a bit of a roller coaster ride that in the end turned into a colourful and striking quilt that provides with every new viewing always something new to focus on.

Lu runs classes on screen printing and improv piecing at her home in Suffolk.

London Modern Quilt Guild: September Makes

So what have Guild Members been up to in September? The small selection below shows the range of things members have been making this month.

As well as a set of fabulous quilts there has also been lots of dabbling with other traditions this month. Some of our members have taken up an offer from a teacher at the Korean Cultural Centre here in London to try out Jogakbo (Korean patchwork). Some of the first delicate makes turned up at this month’s meeting, all hand sewn silk. In addition we also had Japanese Temari balls, these received a lot of interest and I’m sure we’ll be seeing more at future meetings.

And yes that is a Christmas stocking popping up in this month’s mosaic! The charity sub group have been busy and have linked us up with one of the London hospitals to make Christmas stockings for those who find themselves in hospital on Christmas day. Stockings will be collected at the December meeting; so time to start the Christmas sewing.

And last, but not least, on the quilt front we had Liberty (we are in London after all), paper piecing, solids and rainbows. A great range from a very talented group.

LMQG September makes

Luke Haynes

Luke 5

The London Modern Quilt Guild is so pleased to announce that the AMAZING

Luke Haynes will be in town from the States on October 14th to share some of his work and chat about his process.



Luke studied architecture at Cooper Union in New York and considers his fabric art to be an architectural method of images creation. He is currently living in Los Angles, California and you will need both hands and a foot to count the number of States he has lived in.



If you are interested in meeting Luke and are not a member of the LMQG please email the guild at

Touchdraw challenge

A few months ago at the Fat Quarterly Retreat a few members took Lynne’s class on using Touchdraw, a graphics application that is available on IOS, Mac and Android.

In just a few simple steps, I managed to create this image and squealed with joy at what a perfect quilt it would make.

So I started talking to Jon the developer of a Touchdraw and he has agreed to kindly sponsor a challenge and will provide vouchers for either the IOS or Mac version of Touchdraw to some participants.

A random draw will be made of all those who make something based on the image. It can be as big or as little as you like. It can be solids or prints, appliqué or pieced. All I ask is that it is made up of the same circle and rectangle.

While this was originally going to be a guild challenge, because Jon had been so generous we are opening it up to anyone.

All you have to do to enter is show a picture of your finished piece. Either in the comments here on the blog, or on Flickr in the group Lmqg_td or using the hashtag lmqg_td on Instagram or Twitter.

As this is a bit of fun, we didn’t want to put any pressure on finish dates so the draw won’t be made until jan 1st 2015. That gives us 3 months to get creative.

I know some of you already have the Touchdraw app or don’t have compatible technology. Please don’t let that put you off joining it. We might be able to provide some other treat instead.

Please share with your friends and I look forward to seeing how this gets interpreted.


Request for feedback

At the moment the guild is looking into our communications and I would like to ask our readers for some feedback.

I would be very grateful if as a reader of our blog you could answer the following.

1- how did you find our blog?

2- what do you enjoy reading on it?

3- is there something you don't enjoy?

4- is there something you would like to see that isn't currently being posted?


Thanks for you time