Modern Quilting – magazine review

REVIEW of Modern Quilting – Inspiring Quilters Worldwide, by Dianna

Modern Quilting Magazine

At the March meeting of the London Modern Quilt Guild (LMQG) I offered to review this very new and exciting magazine all about Modern Quilting.  Some of the guild’s members were able to attend the launch of this magazine at Ray-Stitch in Islington earlier in the year.

There are regular pages which include the latest news in the quilt world (in this issue our very own London Modern Quilt Guild gets a mention!!); book, shop and web reviews as well as templates, subscriptions and reader’s letters.

The features in Issue 1 span a variety of projects – there is a quilt and pillow case by the renowned fabric designer Amy Butler in some of her beautiful pastel greens, yellows, blues and pink patterned fabric designs; another quilt by a Moda designer Kate Spain and a pretty Flower Quilt by Janet Clare.  Some of the smaller projects which caught my eye were the ‘Scrappy Tiling Pillow’ by Lynne Goldsworthy (Lily’s Quilts Blog) – this is a gorgeous pillow which has raw edge appliqué in a tree design in bright reds, pinks and yellows.  ‘The Conversation Bag’ by Sara Lawson – I wanted to make this immediately – a cute zippered satchel type bag with patchwork squares in rainbow colours; A Patchwork Owl recommended to do as a starter project with kids (; A ‘Mug Cosy’ by Vick Guthrie (editor of this mag) and ‘The Flower Button Pouch’ for mobile phones or glasses by Clare Kingslake  – a good project for beginner quilters.

There are other useful articles on choosing a sewing machine; interviews with Fabric designers and quilters alike – Kate Spain and Aneela Hoey; ideas on how to design your own quilt by Susan Briscoe; free motion quilting from Bethany Nicole Pease and looking at colours and matching fabrics by Katie Garner .

This first issue is comprehensive and informative, worth a look for a multitude of projects and quilting information – have fun with it and happy stitching – Dianna.


7 thoughts on “Modern Quilting – magazine review

  1. I so want to read this magazine but I cannot find a single stockist within a 20 mile radius of where I live – very frustrating! Nice review, and now I want to read it even more!

  2. I noticed there was a shortage when reading the Modern Quilting Mag’s facebook page. I will bring the one I reviewed into the next meeting:) If you look at their facebook page, there might be a way you can email/call their office and get one sent to you – take a look.

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  4. Anyone tempted to take out a subscription, or submit samples or an article, to Modern Quilting magazine would be well advised to Google
    KAL ACM hipknits
    to find some of the history of the people behind it. TL;DR: save your time and money for something you’re likely to get.

    Anyone who likes the lovely Starlight quilt in Issue 4 can find the free pattern on-line courtesy of the designer – the magazine just reprinted the free pattern!

  5. This is quite weird – I can’t remember EVER writing an article for them about how to design your own quilt. What issue was this one? Any chance you could scan and send me the first part of that article? I can only think that it has been adapted from one of my books!

    • Hi Susan,

      This was the first issue, I have a copy and it does say that it’s taken from a book. I’ll scan a copy later today and send that on to you. Colette

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