our first exhibition!

In just a few weeks time a wonderful selection of our mini quilts are going to be exhibited in the Bistro (third floor) at John Lewis, Oxford Street. The theme was ‘what does modern quilting mean to me’ and each piece truly represents our members.

1. red diamond, 2. Front, 3. Folded Star mini-quilt, 4. Covering up my tracks!, 5. 088, 6. photo.JPG, 7. modern mini 1, 8. DSC_0328, 9. DSC_0326, 10. DSC_0324, 11. Queen, 12. DSC_0319, 13. DSC_0307, 14. DSC_0309, 15. DSC_0310, 16. DSC_0313, 17. DSC_0317, 18. DSC_0315

It showcases a variety of techniques, there is improv, EPP, embroidery, hand and machine quilting and some very contemporary designs.                                                                   The exhibition goes up on the 6th June, I’m sure you’ll love it – make sure you pop in to see it.

Thanks to Amelie who put together the mosaic.



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