Modern Mini Quilts Exhibition

Our exhibition of mini quilts is currently on display in the Brasserie (third floor) in John Lewis, Oxford Street. The exhibition is on until the end of June, so you have plenty of time to go and see it.

Don’t they look fantastic!

Thanks to Christine for the photo.

6 thoughts on “Modern Mini Quilts Exhibition

  1. They look fab! Although it looks like Charlotte’s has been naughty and sent away by the others to cool off! Perhaps they were trying to be ‘modern’ in their display?! Can’t wait to see them next weekend.

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  3. Oh no, I popped in last week (to get embroidery thread) and forgot to check them out!
    In my defence: it was lunch time and I was supposed to find a party frock (didn’t), so the embroidery thread was a bonus. But darn!

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