Playful Little Paper-Pieced Projects, Compiled by Tacha Bruecher

ImageBook review by Amy Cavanagh

When I received an electronic copy of the Playful Little Paper-Pieced Projects book I immediately scrolled through and looked at all the pictures.  Wow – so many lovely looking projects! I then went back to what I think will be my favourite project from the book – the Roll-Up Backgammon Board! I WILL be making this project one day!  In fact, I would love to make several of the projects in the book because they look fresh and exciting The Nutcracker pillow, the Mail Organizer and the Winter Present Basket are on my list! Here is a picture of the Winter Present Basket:

Imagec & t publishing

Doesn’t the block look lovely as a basket? There is a range of complexity to the blocks in the book and the projects made from them look fun and quick! I adore small projects that I can stitch up quickly after I have spent an hour or more piecing a block.


c & t publishing

The rewards of completing a project is so satisfying and the book mentions this so the blocks do not linger in the WiP pile!


c & t publishing

I had thought that I would be able to sew a sample to share with you but the electronic review copy did not come with the CD that holds all the patterns. The fact that the book will come with a CD is both good and bad news. Good because it means there is no annoying photocopying at 200% to get a pattern to the right size but bad (for me anyways) because it means you have to have a computer with a disk drive (which I do not!!) in order to print the patterns. The book does mention that you can trace onto freezer paper instead of printing from the CD but I am not certain if the patterns are full size in the book.


c & t publishing

The line-up of contributors is amazing: Tacha Bruecher, Laura Jane Taylor, Kerry Green and Lynn Goldsworthy to mention a few.  How cool is it that I have met all of these people? This makes this book that much more exciting!!


c & t publishing

I wish I could tell you about the paper pieced patterns but I did not test any. I can tell you that the diagrams look clear and the photographs look lovely. There is a Flickr group if you would like to see a few images from the book.

ISBN 978-1-60705-820-5 (soft cover)


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