Request for feedback

At the moment the guild is looking into our communications and I would like to ask our readers for some feedback.

I would be very grateful if as a reader of our blog you could answer the following.

1- how did you find our blog?

2- what do you enjoy reading on it?

3- is there something you don't enjoy?

4- is there something you would like to see that isn't currently being posted?


Thanks for you time


8 thoughts on “Request for feedback

  1. Good morning London Modern Quilt Guild! I would be happy to answer your questions from Richmond British Columbia Canada!

    1. I found your blog when I participated in the needle book exchange between the LMQG and the Vancouver Modern Quilt Guild. 2. I love to read about the members of your guild and what they are doing and also enjoy pictures of all your beautiful work. 3. The only thing that I could wish for is that it would be longer! 4. It would be great to see more pictures of your meetings and where you meet. When living in another country it’s hard to visualize what your meetings are like and the atmosphere. Hopefully I will get to experience one of them when I come to London in May next year!

    Have a wonderful day! At the moment, we are changing over from summer to fall with lots of rain but still the odd day of sunshine. Great quilting weather!

    Quilt on!

    Deb McIntyre

  2. Hi 1-I found you guys after a visit to festival of quilts in Birmingham…. (picked up a flyer & google search)after visiting Houston quilt show 2012 and falling in love with modern quilts. (in the past much of a traditional lady in my approach to what I made in folk art style/fabric) 2-I enjoy seeking quilts your members have made…….. makes me want to make one myself!! 3-I enjoy everything you post……… 4-possibly a bit more on the ladies which form your Guild (their interests on why they got into modern quilting in the first place? ) regards Lesley (in Essex)

    Date: Thu, 25 Sep 2014 06:03:29 +0000 To:

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