Donations for Grenfell Tower survivors

If you want to donate finished quilts to the survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire, then we recommend you send them directly to one of the collecting points. These are changing on an hourly basis and are being set up across London so please check out in your area where is most appropriate for you.

We are also asking for quilted blocks, 12.5 inches. This means that you will add wadding and a backing and quilt them. We will then join them all together using quilt as you go. This is the same method that has been used for the Soy Amado quilts and we are shamelessly stealing the idea. You will find some amazing finished examples over on the blog.

Any orphan blocks etc you have laying around, just add to them to make them large enough or trim them down if they are too big.

20 blocks will make a full quilt and having a lot of the work done by you guys will make it easier for us.

Please use whatever wadding you have, we will try and match up the different types for consistency.

Message us and we will send you the address to send them to.

As you can imagine, the situation is still uncertain at the moment, the key in the short term is to get completed quilts to people ASAP so if you have any spare please get them out first.

Grenfell Tower

There are a number of ways being put in place to help the people affected by the awful fire at Grenfell Tower. Over the weeks and months to come the survivors who have been left with nothing but the clothes of their backs will have to find a way to rebuild their lives and live with the terrible psychological effects of a tragedy like this.

Our guild have already been discussing ways to help people affected by the trauma of the recent terrorist attacks in London and we agreed we wanted to support charities that are working with survivors and the bereaved.

After this fire, hundreds of people will be left with nothing and who knows yet how many lives have been lost with their loved ones left to grieve for them.

In the short term there are practical things that can be done. For anyone with anything to donate, including finished quilts, but also clothes, shoes, new underwear, food, toiletries and toys the church that has been publicised on social media is saying on twitter they don’t need anything at the moment. @ClementJames but its worth keeping an eye on their account.

They are instead recommending to send donations to

Notting Hill Methodist Church, 240 Lancaster Rd, London W11 4AH

Henry Dickens Community Centre, 104 St.Anns Rd, London W11 4BU

Westway Sports Centre, 1 Crowthorne Rd, London W10 6RP

To donate financially there are a number of just giving accounts set up and an umbrella one is

Longer term we intend to support and which offer support with bereavement and trauma. These charities will be offering support for years to come for people impacted by the recent events and we urge you to do the same.

What does sewing mean to you?

Are you aged 40 or younger and sew? Please consider helping out Naomi on her dissertation. She is doing a fascinating topic. Sadly I’m too old to get involved but I urge everyone who is eligible to get involved.

Exploring the experiences of people (aged 40 years and younger) who sew as a hobby and the role sewing has played in their lives

Full details of the study and how to contact Naomi can be found at