Meeting dates for 2018

Please note our meeting dates for the new year.

Upcoming Guild Meetings for 2018:

  • Sunday, 7th January @ 12pm
  • Sunday, 4th February @ 12pm (downstairs)
  • Sunday, 4th March @ 12pm
  • Sunday, 8th April @ 12pm
  • Sunday, 13th May @ 12pm
  • Sunday, 3rd June @ 12pm
  • Sunday, 1st July @ 12pm
  • Sunday, 2nd September @ 12pm
  • Sunday, 7th October @ 12pm
  • Sunday, 4th November @ 12pm
  • Sunday, 2nd December @12pm

4 thoughts on “Meeting dates for 2018

  1. Shevvy, As the January meeting is so close to Twelfth Night, I’ll bring a couple of French 12th night cakes with me to share with the group. Happy new year, Frances

    Frances Silverman SRA no 55231 Sent from my iPhone


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