Urban London Challenge

This month our guild challenge is based around this incredible city. We are lucky to have historical architecture alongside modern structures, iconic typography throughout the Underground and street art that sells for millions.

Classic red telephone and post boxes pepper the streets while 1960’s tower blocks create a backdrop. Beautiful parks, victorian markets and quirky pockets of eccentricity make this city what it is.


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To celebrate our home town, using an ‘Urban London’ image as your inspiration and only solid fabrics, your challenge is to create a 12″ square block.


Spiral Staircase

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Poppy In Stitches has created a  Pinterest board packed with inspiring images to give you some ideas. You can work from a photo you’ve taken or one you’ve found online or in a book.


Whether you choose a London Landmark, a Georgian Terrace or a back street cafe as your inspiration have fun with this challenge. Don’t forget to bring your image with you to the meeting so we can see what inspired you!

Touchdraw challenge

A few months ago at the Fat Quarterly Retreat a few members took Lynne’s class on using Touchdraw, a graphics application that is available on IOS, Mac and Android.

In just a few simple steps, I managed to create this image and squealed with joy at what a perfect quilt it would make.

So I started talking to Jon the developer of a Touchdraw and he has agreed to kindly sponsor a challenge and will provide vouchers for either the IOS or Mac version of Touchdraw to some participants.

A random draw will be made of all those who make something based on the image. It can be as big or as little as you like. It can be solids or prints, appliqué or pieced. All I ask is that it is made up of the same circle and rectangle.

While this was originally going to be a guild challenge, because Jon had been so generous we are opening it up to anyone.

All you have to do to enter is show a picture of your finished piece. Either in the comments here on the blog, or on Flickr in the group Lmqg_td or using the hashtag lmqg_td on Instagram or Twitter.

As this is a bit of fun, we didn’t want to put any pressure on finish dates so the draw won’t be made until jan 1st 2015. That gives us 3 months to get creative.

I know some of you already have the Touchdraw app or don’t have compatible technology. Please don’t let that put you off joining it. We might be able to provide some other treat instead.

Please share with your friends and I look forward to seeing how this gets interpreted.